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Solar Dealers and the Aftermath of the Titan Solar Power Shutdown


The solar energy industry was recently shaken by the sudden closure of Titan Solar Power on June 13th. This unexpected development has left many solar dealers and customers in a state of confusion and uncertainty. Titan Solar, once a significant player in the market, faced numerous challenges that led to its downfall. As we move forward, it’s crucial to understand what happened and how IntegrateSun can provide a stable, reliable alternative for those affected.


The Rise and Fall of Titan Solar Power


Titan Solar Power had established itself through a vast Solar Dealer program, partnering with many solar sales organizations. These dealers sold solar systems on behalf of Titan, which then managed the installations. The financial arrangement involved a pricing model, where Titan charged a fee for the completion of the project, and dealers kept the remaining amount as their commission. While this model is beneficial, there were problems with implementation that led to Titan Solar’s demise.


Dealers began to report numerous issues with Titan Solar’s operations. Common complaints included a lack of communication, extensive installation delays, and, in some cases, alleged project abandonment. These operational shortcomings were compounded by legal troubles, ultimately forcing Titan Solar Power to shut its doors.


Impact on Titan Solar Dealers and Customers


The abrupt closure of Titan Solar Power has left many solar dealers in a difficult position, scrambling to find a new solar installation partner to fulfill their ongoing and future solar projects. Customers with existing contracts have also been left in the lurch, uncertain about the status of their solar installations. The resulting confusion and frustration have highlighted the need for a more reliable and transparent installation partner in the solar industry.


IntegrateSun: A Reliable Alternative


At IntegrateSun, we understand the challenges and disruptions caused by Titan closing shop. We are committed to providing quality installations and project management for our solar dealers and customers. Our Authorized Solar Dealer Program is designed to address the very issues that plagued Titan Solar.


  1. No Dealer Redlines: To make the deal fairer for our solar dealers, we offer a different pricing model that is transparent and offers the solar dealer a higher return on their projects. This approach ensures that our Authorized Dealers earn the most for their hard work and persistence.

  2. High Quality Solar Installs: Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our installations meet the highest standards, ensuring customer satisfaction, less headache for our dealers, and long-term performance of the solar system.

  3. Quick Turnaround: We pride ourselves on our efficient processes and quick installation timelines, helping to minimize delays and keep projects on track.

  4. Selective Partnerships: We are selective about our dealer partnerships, ensuring that we can offer every dealer a high level of service and attention to their projects.

  5. Higher Earnings: Our profit-share model is designed to maximize dealer earnings, offering greater financial rewards compared to the traditional redline model.


How to Join the IntegrateSun Authorized Solar Dealer Program

 If you are a solar dealer affected by the recent Titan Solar Power shutdown or simply looking for a more reliable installation partner, we invite you to work under the IntegrateSun umbrella. Our Authorized Dealer Program offers the support, stability, and quality you need to succeed in the solar industry.


Learn more and apply to become an Authorized Solar Dealer with IntegrateSun here.




The closure of Titan Solar Power has undoubtedly created significant challenges for solar dealers However, it also presents a unique opportunity for solar installation companies to fill the gap left behind Titan’s closure with quality service and workmanship, while also nudging Titan dealers to seek more reliable and transparent installation partnerships. To learn more about the IntegrateSun Authorized Dealer Program visit us on our website.



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