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How Solar Systems Work: Welcome


Solar-Powered Home

The sun rays contain light particles (photons) which are collected and absorbed by your solar panels. This happens during the daylight hours, even when the weather isn’t particularly hot, this is because the process is based on the collection of ultraviolet light

These photons are then converted into electrons, which are units of direct current (DC). The system pushes the electrons out to an inverter, which changes them into alternating current (AC) electricity. This energy is fed into your home via your electrical panel or breaker box, which powers your home and appliances


Going solar with us is simple and straightforward, and consists of three steps:


You’ll book an online appointment with one of our solar consultants. The consultant will customize a solar system that’s right for your current needs and future goals and provide you with a free quote. You’ll have the opportunity to explore our solar financing options & get all your questions answered by a professional


Once financing and other approvals are obtained, installation begins. Our experts fit all equipment and parts required and show you what to do to make the system fully functional. We set up 24/7 monitoring so you can monitor your system’s production anytime, from your phone


Sit back and enjoy energy independent living with almost zero electric bills, while you reap all the additional benefits that come with switching to solar!

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