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What Does It Mean to Be an IntegrateSun Authorized Dealer?

When you join our Authorized Dealer network, you focus on sales & marketing only, while we take care of the entire project completion. Our dealers unlock benefits otherwise only exclusively available to established & bankable solar sales teams. These benefits include:

Solar financing options available to solar dealers & startups

Industry Leading Financing Options

Grow your monthly revenue with our financing offerings which include options as low as 3.99% & terms as flexible as 25 years! Most of our financing options are exclusively available to solar companies that have been in business for at least three years & hit certain annual sales targets ranging from $2,000,000- $10,000,000/ year. When you become a dealer with IntegrateSun we make these options available to you & your customers as soon as you are onboarded to the program!

Solar sales reps creating a residential solar proposal

FREE Solar Proposals

Create UNLIMITED solar proposals for your customers at no additional charge to you. If you are anything like most solar companies in the market today, you are likely spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on proposals that do not all close. Our dealers can create however many live proposals as their customers need at no extra charge to them!

Solar panel technicians installing a solar energy system

Never Worry About the Logistics of a Project Again!

Dedicate 100% of your resources to sales & marketing while we take care of the entire project logistics from site survey & approvals to procurement, installation & maintenance. Focus your energy on what you excel at and let us handle the operational risks & expenses involved in bringing solar projects to completion

Solar dealers happy about low cost solar redlines

Transparent Redlines

We believe in long-term relationships! That’s why we offer our select group of Authorized Dealers low base redlines & reasonable adders. We want you to grow your business with us, and we want to do it with you for many years to come

PM team member communicating with the sales consultants remotely

Communication, communication, communication!

Needless to say, communication between all the moving parts of a solar project is necessary for the project’s successful completion. Our PM team will update you as your deal moves along the installation pipeline in real-time. 


To date, IntegrateSun has installed hundreds of solar projects nationwide utilizing the latest technology in solar & project/logistics management. We have a network of hundreds of solar professionals that are all focused on the same end goal: make solar energy the STANDARD, not the exception!

Become a Dealer

Authorized Dealer Application

Please fill out the required information and a Dealer Onboarding Specialist will contact you soon to discuss your application

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