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Learn about your financing options to switch to solar

Solar Financing: Welcome

Most homeowners obtain a solar loan to finance their systems & prefer to pay low fixed monthly payments to go solar. There are two main ways you can finance your solar system:

  1. You can go through your own bank and qualify for a loan.
    This is a good option for people who do not meet the qualification requirements to obtain a solar loan through IntegrateSun, such as credit requirements.


  2. The second and most popular way you can finance your solar systems is through IntegrateSun’s third-party financing partners who offer solar loans at very rates as low as 2.99% for a 25 Year loan and no prepayment penalty; you can pay off your solar loan whenever you want without paying any additional fees! 

We are partners with the top financing companies in the market. Each financing company has their own qualification criteria, this is to ensure that we help most people qualify to make the switch to solar

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