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I like the electric company paying me instead of me paying the electric company! It’s wonderful it’s a GOOD feeling to save money!

Mr & Mrs Anderson

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Nothing makes us happier than positive feedback from our customers...

Customer Testimonials: Welcome
Solar Panels Technician



"I basically didn’t do anything, they did everything for me. The company was great, I’ve already started to refer my family and some of my friends to go solar with them!"

Quinn Davis

Watch the Video to Hear Our Customers Talk About Their Experience With IntegrateSun

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“They followed up with me and kept checking up on me to make sure that everything was good and that we were still on schedule. The live app monitoring really helps, I can see my production in the app & it helps me track it anytime from anywhere”

Santos Garcia

Shopped around for a month. IntegrateSun had the best prices and helped me cut my electricity bill by 100%. They even helped me finance it. I can see my production on their app and I can track all my savings. Very professional now my brother is getting solar too! Can’t wait for my rebate!

Love this company! They treat customers with respect and integrity. We have some issues with our HOA but they took care of everything for us with ease..

Jannel Valdez

Du Lam

Could not find solar panels that were good in a good price until I came across this company. They made everything so easy with GREAT FINANCING. I no longer pay an electricity bill!!!! I LOVE my solar panels!!!!

Our solar panels were installed quickly and efficiently. The wiring of the inverter system and connection done to our existing electrical system was quite remarkable. Our ability to monitor production online is a plus and allows for reconciling our electric bill monthly. Finally, the installation of solar panels is our attempt to help lower our carbon footprint on our world..

Marisol Torres

Gail Bruso

Watch the Video to Hear What Our Customers Think of the Live Solar Monitoring App

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