IntegrateSun is an Earth based company that is successfully navigating oily waters & energy monsters. We chose to be in the business of installing the same technology on your roof as the one our friends in NASA use for their space stations, so YOU can have unlimited clean energy too! We know that we can’t heal our planet alone, & we know that you have a pretty busy schedule, so we decided to come up with a new way for you to get a lot of goodies in exchange for going solar, yay!

Our solution is made for you to come out on the other side more financially abundant, eco savvy & altogether a more well rounded human with a lot more money to your name. Sounds good? Drop us a line!


At IntegrateSun, we’re dedicated to installing the best possible solar panels for your home. Our team will see you through every step of going solar and go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with both the solar AND the process


We use the latest technology to size your solar system based on real time, live data. This ensures that you are getting the system size you actually need. Nothing more, nothing less