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We founded IntegrateSun with a personal dream that has since evolved into a clear vision: to be a support system for the one shared home of all humans, our irreplaceable Earth...

With over 37 years of combined experience in the renewable energy industry, IntegrateSun has added millions of watts of solar to the US market. Our company headquarter is located in Houston, TX, and we have been chosen to be one of the best solar companies to work with repeatedly, which explains our 97% customer satisfaction rate!

Welcome to IntegrateSun (Who we are)
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Light on the Stairs

Waqas Hassan

 Chief Executive Officer

My strength has always been the ability to see a path forward in those moments when people around me might not be able to. My vision for IntegrateSun is limitless and our dedication to our customers & dealers is never ending!

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Massy Almubidin

 Chief Operating Officer

Reading between the lines & extracting opportunities for improvement are two of my main passions that drive what I do with IntegrateSun. I am very proud of the culture of continuous improvement we have built and look forward to continue working to heal our planet from the impact of our modern day activities with solar being the medium we use to do just that!

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Our Executive Team

Light on the Stairs

Haris Sultan

 Chief Project Officer

To me, the growth of our installation and backend support crews motivates me every day to bring the best version of myself to work! The culture of teamwork and checking your ego at the door is something I am proud of IntegrateSun for. Day or night, I am available to every customer and dealer as I believe that communication is what it takes to continue our successful growth and market penetration.

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Sara Almbaidin

Chief Technology Officer

I love having the space to innovate and be creative with our digital infrastructure and automation solutions. Alongside my team, I work very hard to ensure a seamless & streamlined experience for both our customers & dealers throughout the solar project cycle. Perfection is not something that exists, but I still aim for it everyday in my work with IntegrateSun!

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At IntegrateSun, we’re dedicated to installing the best possible solar systems for our customers. Our team will see you through every step of going solar and go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with both; the solar AND the process!

Residential Solar Installation in Texas


We use the latest technology to size your solar system based on real time, live data. This ensures that you are getting the system size you actually need. Nothing more, nothing less

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