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Are you ready to go solar in Richmond, Texas? Let IntegrateSun bring energy independence & savings to your home!

The city of Richmond, with its charming past and soaring future, is home to over 13,000 people. Covering an area of 4.3 square miles, according to the United States Census Bureau, it’s not one of the largest cities in the state of Texas. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful, however, and residents are keen to keep it that way

 The city enjoys 205 sunny days each year, which makes it an ideal location for installing solar panels for both residential and commercial purposes

Many clients ask us what happens on those 160 days a year when the sun doesn’t shine. For times when you need a little extra boost, the installation of a battery provides complete energy independence


Making the switch to solar energy enables homeowners and residents of Richmond, Texas to decrease their electrical costs while increasing their home’s investment value

IntegrateSun helps you identify the highest electrical use areas, and lower your environmental footprint through installation of a home energy system using the power of the sun

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“They followed up with me and kept checking up on me to make sure that everything was good and that we were still on schedule. The live app monitoring really helps, I can see my production in the app & it helps me track it anytime from anywhere”

Santos Garcia


Homeowners in Richmond stand to benefit from switching to solar in numerous ways:

  • Energy independence, through generation of enough power to supply the requirements of the home

  • Cost savings up to 40% annually, gained from looking for new and less power-intensive methods of operating the home combined with installing a solar energy system

  • Income generation, by feeding excess power produced by a solar electric installation back into the local grid. Some utility companies pay 300% for surplus power produced by in-home solar systems

  • Lower environmental impact, through less use of carbon-generated or other power supply methods

  • Rebates on taxes with tax credits offered by federal government, and state-level incentives for making the switch

  • Higher resale value, based on statistics from the Appraisers Institute that show solar systems deliver a significant increase

    The process starts with a solar consultation with IntegrateSun to identify whether your home or business is a good candidate for a solar system. Once installed, the system generates power whenever the sun is shining which is stored onsite with batteries to supply the needs of your household or business. After that, the surplus feeds back to the grid and is offset against your regular consumption. Homeowners save money on using the power produced by the solar electric installation, and recover money from the buy-back programs


At IntegrateSun, we believe that every homeowner who installs a solar system is entitled to capitalize on the benefits of the sun’s energy. With almost three decades of experience in solar panel installation, we can install a system for you under a flexible payment option that provides you with ownership of your system from day one, which makes you eligible for various tax rebates and other state-level incentives

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