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These Companies Are Enjoying Millions of Dollars in Annual Tax Benefits By Going Solar!

Updated: Jan 31

Have you ever been walking downtown in the evening, stared up at one of those large office buildings and wondered, why are the lights on when all the employees have gone home?

Today, more and more businesses are considering the large impact that a small task – such as turning off the lights in the evening – can have on our environment. And even beyond that, some businesses are championing the ‘green’ movement and paving the way with innovation while saving millions of dollars every year in commercial tax benefits by going solar.

In case you were wondering who these large companies might be, here are five of them that you’ll be happy to know they use clean, affordable solar energy to power their huge businesses.

1) Target

Bet you didn’t see that one coming! It’s true—Target currently has over 350 locations with solar arrays installed, generating up to 30 percent of their energy from our sun alone! The company’s goal is to eventually become 100 percent run by sustainable energy, and to have 500 locations powered by solar come 2020.

2) Apple

According to Apple, 100 percent of their business operations are powered by sustainable, clean energy. The company’s headquarters gets most of their energy from onsite solar panels and biogas fuel cells—and even their data centers and retail locations are running green.


In 2017, more than 73 percent of the total energy IKEA uses to run its operations came from solar and wind power. The company has a goal to run 100 percent on sustainable energy by 2020, and with more than 300 million euros invested in renewable energy, they are well on track to meet their target.

4) Kohl’s

With over 200,000 rooftop solar panels at 163 locations, Kohl’s is leading by example for businesses around the world. In addition to their retail locations, their two corporate offices have nine ‘solar trees’ producing clean energy to power the business. It is estimated that up to 50 percent of their total energy consumption is accounted for by solar power.

5) Macy’s

Amongst many environmentally conscious commitments, Macy’s has met their goal to install solar arrays at 102 of their facilities by the end of 2017. But just how large a scale are their solar operations? Well, take for example their distribution center in Illinois which now has 6,108 solar panels installed on its roof. Now that’s progress.

Each year, more and more businesses small and large are realizing the environmental and economic benefits that come with investing in renewable energy. The technology is already where we wanted it to be; it’s efficient, cheap and reliable and might qualify your business for up to 60% in commercial tax benefits. Contact IntegrateSun for a commercial solar system quote today, and pave the way in clean business operations along with these world leaders.

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