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Finding Pathways To The Sun (The solar panel journey)

I visited my hometown of New Orleans recently. I like to go back every now and then to visit family, enjoy a delicious sun-dried tomato pasta, listen to music, relax at the poolside under the sunshade, and embrace the culture as a tourist, though I was raised there.

Walking down the street during the beautiful sunset, I noticed an interesting trend in houses in many different neighborhoods. Most of the homes now had solar panels which were not the case a few years ago. I wondered, what was the catch? How do solar panels work? How many solar panels are needed to run a house? What are the best solar panels? Does the energy depend on the sun and moon?

I continued to wonder, if this was the new trend, was there some type of citywide initiative to go green? Was there a solar sale that could not be passed up? Or did homeowners see the benefits of using solar panels for homes and made the commitment?

When I returned to Texas sun city, I found myself gazing up at the rooftops of homes, I could not help but pay close attention to those who had SunPower solar panels. I began to do some research and realized going green is not just a trend but a life for many. I wanted to know more about solar panels and how they work. I pondered why my husband and I never had the green conversation or conversion.

I realized why we never discuss sun facts and how solar panels can benefit us:

One of the reasons is a lack of understanding. In school we learned about the sun definition, is the sun a planet? How old is the sun? And what vitamins do you get from the sun? But science was my least favorite subject. Anything that had to do with formulas, physics, and numbers made me sleepy. lol.

I knew in order for me to understand the sun solar system, I needed to involve these elements which instantly made me nod with boredom. Were there green cliff notes? Or a going solar for dummies book I could read. I think not, but I know I am not alone. There are millions of Americans, who live in sunshine residential homes, and others who live in states that get plenty of the sun who have never explored the benefits of a solar lifestyle.

I read a few articles about solar panels kits, looked at a few YouTube videos, even visited some websites I saw questions like how much does a 3 x 5 solar panel cost? And what can a 300-watt solar panel run on? Oh, my goodness!!! This felt like I was trying to understand Russian rocket science upside-down while hanging off a cliff...zzzzzzz!

I thought to myself, there has got to be a simpler way. I learned enough to know going green is important for my family and the plant, but the communication out there is far too complicated for those whose favorite subject was physical education.

With a trembling heart, heavy eyelids, and curious nature, I endeavored to understand the solar process so that I can communicate it to people like me who made C’s in math and science and were perfectly okay with it. LOL.

It’s almost sunset guys, and I’m going to take the time to water my beautiful sunflowers at the moment, but I will share my journey, my research, my reservations and my revelations about solar and its significance to the longevity of mother earth and all of its occupants.

In this blog, I will be as transparent as possible as I journal how I went from being solar misfit to a solar socialite in a short period of time. So, grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or whatever will keep you awake. Write a comment below, and let’s start an interesting conversation together as we find our pathway to the sun.

Yours truly, A Solar Socialite.

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