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Finding Pathways To The Sun (My solar journey part 5)

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

There I was making dinner, eavesdropping, feeling guilty, and giggling at the same time. Guilty because I set my husband up for a virtual solar consultation without his permission, and giggling because Sean’s presentation was going so smoothly. Sean does an excellent job of making it seem more like a conversation and less like a sales pitch, which works well for Mark. He doesn’t like to be sold anything, and he wants to be in control and feel like he’s making the best decision for his family. Mark was surprisingly cooperative. He gave Sean a precise forecast of our current needs and future goals. He even listened to Sean explain how solar systems work, provide a brief history of Integratesun, as well as recommend the best solar system for our home. The push-back came when Sean asked for our business and suggested we get pre-qualified for financing. Mark abruptly stopped Sean and told him we are not ready to commit and that he would get back to him in a couple of days. Mark handed me the phone, and I told Sean I would be in touch. I was smiling on the outside but screaming on the inside. I knew Mark was going to do research and find every reason not to go solar. During dinner, Mark gave me the silent treatment and wouldn’t make eye contact. He just talked to the kids, ate his chicken, and ignored me. I should have known he would act this way; he’s not very fond of surprises or salespeople. Nevertheless, I tried my best to butter him up. I even baked him a red velvet cheesecake. But he decided to skip dessert and made a B-line to the office to start his research. I began to pace the kitchen floor. I wanted to know what he was doing, but he wasn’t talking to me. So I sent Addison in to spy on him. She came back and told me he was on IntegrateSun’s website reading reviews and looking at electricity bills. I sent Zed in with a slice of cheesecake, and he came back and said dad was looking at glasshouses on YouTube. I was like glasshouses? I think he meant solar panels, which means Mark was building his case.

After about an hour, Mark came out of the office, sat next to me, and asked why didn’t I tell him?

I began to ramble about why I didn’t tell him about the consultation. He said, No, why I didn’t tell him about all of the benefits of having a solar system. I sat there in shock as he began to tell me about all the cool things he found online about clean energy and going green. Without hesitation, I began to share all of my research on solar panels and why I believe it’s the wave of the future. I didn’t want to insist or suggest that we make the purchase just yet. If we went that route, I want him to feel like this was his idea, and I had nothing to do with it….wink, wink. Though the commitment to purchase a solar system was not yet there, I’m happy the conversation has been brought to the table. I can’t wait to tell Sean the almost good news! Wow…what I thought was going to be a long silent night, turned into an engaging conversation full of possibilities… Write a comment below and let us start an interesting conversation together as I journal how I went from being a solar misfit to a solar socialite in a short period of time. Stay tuned as we continue to find our pathway to the sun Yours truly, A Solar Socialite.

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Erica R
Erica R
Sep 06, 2021

Loveed reading this thanks


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