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At IntegrateSun we help you make your home more energy-efficient overall, by providing the added value of an in-home energy audit. This identifies ways to conserve energy and produces savings you can offset against the cost of your solar installation. Some solutions we typically recommend include:


These are powered completely by free solar energy, and work by drawing the hot air and moisture out of the attic. The fans need no electrical wiring and are easy to install, they cost nothing to operate and are practically maintenance-free. By keeping the heat below critical levels the attic stays cool and dry, which extends the life of your roof and reduces the indoor temperature of your home


Most regular home thermostats only read temperature in the part of the home where they’re located, which means you could have one perfectly controlled room while others are uncomfortable. Smart thermostats like the ecobee enables you to place sensors in other rooms that detect both occupancy and temperature, and you can easily control it from your smartphone app


Replacing light bulbs with LED lights can make a significant difference to both your bill and your comfort. These not only offer cost savings, but also reduce temperature around the light, last 8 to 10 times longer, reach 100 percent brightness immediately and give off no emissions. This makes them a major player in the field of reducing electrical costs


An energy-saving insulation cover for attic access areas, the tent is designed to stop air passing through between the home and the attic. Heat and cool emissions are the most comment method of residential energy waste, with up to 40 percent of a building’s energy being lost as a result of gaps, holes and air leaks. An attic tent system creates a closed envelope that prevents air infiltration and energy loss


With air infiltration a major factor in wasting valuable resources, foam insulation provides backup support for your solar installation. It acts as an air sealant as well as insulation, and enables you to save up to 20 percent of your monthly energy bill, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program—making it more than worth the cost of purchase and installation


By keeping one of these devices plugged into a power socket in the home, manufacturers claim you could save up to 20 percent on overall usage. The actual amount depends on multiple factors, including fluctuations in your home’s individual power supply. Whatever the percentage of savings, by controlling energy surges the power saver reduces current flowing through your circuits and increases the life of appliances

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