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Top 5 Cheap Solar Panels For 2023

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Best cheap solar panels on a roof

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Picture this... you're ready to dip your toes into the renewable energy pool, but you're cautious about the price tag. If you want the best device for your money, and you're on the lookout for top-notch, yet affordable solar panels... We are here to guide you!

Let's clear one thing first: the most budget-friendly solar panels are only sometimes the ones with the lowest price tags. You need to look beyond the numbers and consider factors like energy output, efficiency, lifespan, and, of course, solar installation cost. Companies like Silfab, Panasonic, and SunPower offer some of the best value-for-money options for 2023, balancing affordability and quality.

We know the process can feel like a maze but we'll help you make an informed choice, cut through the hype, and find the solar energy system that fits your needs... and your wallet. Let's dive in.


Key Takeaways

  • Solar panels vary in terms of efficiency, warranty, size, and cost, offering a range of options for homeowners.

  • Solarever stands out for its high-performance panels and 25-year warranty at a competitive price point.

  • Canadian Solar offers durable, efficient panels at reasonable prices, suited for colder climates, while Q Cells provide a cost-effective solution.

  • It's possible to save on solar panels through incentives, comparing quotes, and DIY installations, though professional help is often beneficial.


How Do I Find the Best-Priced Solar Panels?

Really it's not about grabbing the cheapest solar panel off the shelf. It might be light on your wallet now, but if it doesn't suit your needs, you'll soon be throwing good money after bad.

The priciest panels aren't necessarily your golden ticket to efficient solar energy either. So, what's the trick? Well, it's simple: don't get hung up on individual components. Instead, think big picture... think whole solar power system for your home. How much will it cost you overall? How much usable energy will it give you per watt? If you're spending less than $3 per watt of power, you're likely hitting the sweet spot. Now let's check the 5 best affordable solar brands.

The 5 Best Cheap Solar Panels You Can Get Around

Cheap solar panels on roof

1. Solarever

Solarever, a Mexican-based solar panel producer since 2012, caters to both residential and commercial solar needs. Their panels are engineered to resist Potential-Induced Degradation (PID), ensuring they deliver optimum performance over a longer period.

Overview: The Solarever Scoop

So, Solarever is all about monocrystalline solar panels, but here's the kicker - they use something called half-cut mono PERC solar cells. Now, these aren't just your average solar cells. They're specifically designed to squeeze out as much efficiency as possible. That means they're really good at turning sunlight into electricity you can actually use.

Features: What Makes Solarever Tick?

Also check this out. Solarever's panels start at a neat 400 W, right on par with what most solar manufacturers are offering. Now, let's talk about efficiency - this is basically how much of the sun's energy hitting the cells is transformed into usable electricity. The norm nowadays? Somewhere between 17% and 20%.

But Solarever? They're breaking the mold and coming in just a smidge above industry standards. Oh, and they've got a power tolerance rating of -0~+3%. That means under the perfect conditions, their panels will be operating at least at their rated power capacity, but could potentially kick it up a notch to perform 3% better. Impressive, right?.


The price? You'll be surprised. The Solarever 455W panel costs just $254.97! You need to buy at least 10 units, but hey, when you consider the performance and the long-term savings on your electricity bills, it's a steal.

2. Hanwha Q Cells

Next on our solar safari is Hanwha Q Cells, a brand that boasts a tempting mix of affordability and performance.

Overview: Spotlight on Q Cells

If you're thinking solar but are a bit tight on budget, Q Cells could be your perfect match. Not only do they offer some of the most competitively priced panels out there, but they also provide top-notch performance warranties.

Features: The Q Cells Advantage

They shine even in areas that receive shade throughout the day, and they've caught the eye of many professional solar installers, including Tesla. However, bear in mind that some Q Cells panels might need a bit more roof space compared to other brands. Their efficiency range might not be the highest, but their performance punches above their price tag.

Cost: Q Cells on a Budget

So, how much can you save with Q Cells? An average panel costs around $275, and a full 6 kW Q Cells system could cost between $14,400 and $18,960. That's quite a steal for such a solid solar setup. With Q Cells, you're not just buying a panel; you're buying peace of mind. They guarantee 86% of the original output capacity for up to 25 years.

3. Bluesun Solar

Overview: The Value Veteran

Bluesun is a really solid choice if you're looking into solar panels. They have a great selection with 2 series and 14 different models to choose from, with power ranges from 360 to 460 watts​

Features: Function Meets Innovation

One model that particularly stands out is their 460W Half-Cell Bifacial Solar Panel. This panel is a high performer – it can actually give you up to 575W with Bifacial Gain. It's built with 144 Monocrystalline cells, which means it's all about optimal energy yield and efficiency. The panel is designed to withstand harsh weather too. It can handle heavy snow loads and strong winds, and it even minimizes the impact of micro-cracks. Plus, it's UL Listed, so you know it meets safety standards​​.

Cost: Wallet-Friendly Power

Now, let's talk about costs. You might think with all these features, it's going to be pricey, right? But here's the good news - the 460W model is only $262.00 per unit! And yes, there's a minimum purchase of 10 units, but think about the energy savings you'll get in the long run. It's a smart and affordable investment for the future of your energy needs.

Finally, the warranty. Bluesun provides a materials warranty that lasts between 12 to 25 years. The 460W model even has a power degradation warranty that promises less than 0.45% per year over a 25-year period. That's reassurance for a quarter of a century

4. Canadian Solar

Overview: Meet Canadian Solar

Aiming for that sweet spot between cost and performance? Then you might want to cast your eye on Canadian Solar. They are well-regarded panels that offer excellent durability and efficiency without burning a hole in your pocket.

Features: Cool Climate Champion

Canadian Solar panels pack a punch, especially in colder climates. They can bear up to 10% more snow than most panels - a true northerner! Plus, their advanced cell technology boosts their efficiency. But remember, you might need more roof space for their installation and they could lose some efficiency in warmer weather.

Cost: Solar Savings with Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is your ticket to an effective solar energy system without the hefty price tag. Panels typically cost between $2.70 and $3.20 per watt, putting a standard 6 kW system at around $16,200 to $19,200 before any tax credits or incentives. Canadian Solar offers warranties that are right in line with industry standards, promising 12 to 15 years for product and 25 years for performance.

5. Trina Solar

Making a grand entrance in the number two spot is Trina Solar, a brilliant choice for the budget-conscious yet performance-oriented homeowner.

Overview: The Value Veteran

Trina Solar is all about striking a balance between cost and efficiency. They offer an array of panels that not only catch the eye with their sleek all-black design but also impress with an output range from 335 to 365 watts.

Features: Function Meets Innovation

Trina’s unique design utilises innovative half-cut cells - twice the standard number of cells at 120 instead of 60. So if a pesky shadow creeps over one side of your panel, don’t sweat it - the other half will still churn out power unhindered.

Cost: Wallet-Friendly Power

Coming in at a reasonable $2.88 per watt, Trina Solar combines cost-effectiveness with serious performance. Their 25-year product and power warranty covers you for any bumps along your solar journey, including malfunctions and output issues.

Cool Ways to Save Money On Solar Panels

Save your money while using solar

Catch the Solar Incentives:

Every sunny side up starts with a good incentive. In the U.S., you've got a delightful 30% federal solar tax credit waiting for you when you buy residential solar panels. And that's not all. Your local state governments and utility companies are also ready to lighten your load with nifty net metering, solar rebates, and tax exemptions. So why not reach out and grab them?

Shop Around for the Best Quote:

Remember the adage – don't put all your eggs in one basket? It's time to put it into practice. Don't just settle for the first solar quote you get. Gather a few, compare, and then pick the one that shines brightest. But if you are looking for a reputable solar installation company with solid proof and satisfactory results, then you can start with IntegrateSun.

Consider DIY Installation (with a pinch of salt):

Got a knack for electrical work and don't mind heights? Installing the panels yourself could slice a bit off your costs. But remember, it's not a walk in the park. There are permits to secure, specialized equipment to handle, and potential risks to manage. And let's not forget, most of your cost is tied up in the equipment, so your DIY savings might not be as sky-high as you imagine.


Choosing the cream of the crop in solar companies means finding a provider with a broad spectrum of value and options. So, how do you beat the heat and pick the best?

Keep in mind, top-notch solar providers usually offer a generous spread of values and options. They're the jack-of-all-trades in the solar world. So, why not rope in a pro to help you navigate this solar maze? They can tailor the perfect solution, guide you through rebates and incentives, and ensure you save a bundle in the long run. Sure, it might cost a tad more upfront, but isn't it worth securing that sunny future?


Which solar panel costs the least?

The least expensive solar panel is typically from Q Cells, offering great performance at a very affordable rate.

How do I get the best deal on solar panels?

What factors should I consider when buying solar panels for home use?

What is the average cost of solar panels and their installation?

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