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LONGi Unveils Ultra-Black HPBC Solar Modules for Homeowners

LONGi Unveils Ultra-Black HPBC Solar Modules
source: LONGI

LONGi, a global leader in solar technology, has introduced its latest innovation: the Ultra-Black HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact) solar modules, designed specifically for residential applications. Unveiled at the SNEC tradeshow in Shanghai, China, these modules promise to revolutionize home solar energy systems with advanced technology and a sleek, aesthetic design.

Advanced Technology and Superior Efficiency

LONGi's Ultra-Black HPBC modules are part of the new Hi-MO X6 Artist series, available in Ultra Black and Full Black versions. These modules offer wattages ranging from 420 W to 430 W and a power conversion efficiency of 21.5% to 22.3%. The advanced HPBC technology reduces cell-to-module power loss, ensuring optimal energy output even in low-light conditions.

Key Specifications

  • Wattage: 420 W to 430 W

  • Efficiency: 21.5% to 22.3%

  • Open-Circuit Voltage: 39.45 V to 40.05 V

  • Short-Circuit Current: 13.54 A to 13.77 A

  • Temperature Coefficient: -0.29%/°C

  • Maximum System Voltage: 1,500 V

  • Dimensions: 1,722 mm x 1,134 mm x 30 mm

  • Weight: 22.5 kg

  • Junction Box: IP68

  • Glass: 3.2 mm coated tempered glass

The Ultra-Black HPBC modules come with a 30-year linear power output warranty, guaranteeing no less than 86.9% of the nominal output power at the end of 30 years. This ensures sustained energy production and peace of mind for homeowners. The modules are designed with robust materials, including IP68 junction boxes and tempered glass, making them resilient to various weather conditions.

The Hi-MO X6 Artist panels are designed with all-black cells and structured glass, providing a consistent black appearance without glare, regardless of the installation angle. This ensures the panels blend seamlessly with modern home aesthetics. Additionally, unlike traditional solar modules priced by wattage, these modules are priced by square meter, simplifying cost calculations for homeowners and facilitating better alignment with roof area.

The 450 W model is priced at CNY 298 ($41.7) per square meter, while the 430 W model is priced at CNY 268 per square meter. These modules will enter mass production in the fourth quarter of this year and will be available globally.

IntegrateSun’s Commitment to Innovation

IntegrateSun is excited to incorporate LONGi's Ultra-Black HPBC modules into its solar offerings. "The launch of these latest modules means homeowners can now enjoy higher efficiency and a more attractive solar solution," said Waqas Hassan, CEO of IntegrateSun. "We are happy to offer our customers this cutting-edge technology that combines performance with style, ensuring they get the most out of their solar investment."

Benefits for Homeowners

  1. Higher Energy Yield: Up to 22.3% efficiency for maximum savings.

  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: All-black design complements modern home designs.

  3. Reliable Performance: Excellent low-light performance ensures consistent energy production.

  4. Long-term Assurance: A 30-year warranty guarantees durability and reliability.

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