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How I Did It: I Bought the Riskiest Home Investment (and Saved Thousands)

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

I found an article about residential savings from installing a residential solar system & the tax incentives from the government for those who do. This made me realize that adding residential solar power could possibly be one of the smartest investments I could make for my home.

After reading the full article I decided to contact one of the companies who installed residential solar panel systems in my area. The company sent out one of their representatives to give me a quote and he came over during lunchtime! It was great because it didn't disrupt anything at work or take up a bunch of my time after work. I just had to schedule an appointment with him.

After he gave me his quote, we sat down and worked out all the details. He explained everything to me in a way that was easy for me to understand. We planned on installing residential solar panel systems on my home so that I will never have to worry about electricity costs again! My system includes residential solar panels on the roof as well as residential solar power installed by an inverter and residential batteries already purchased separately from my installer.

I was able to save money from residential solar panels because these residential panels reduce your electric bill so much, you actually start saving money right away! The government also has a residential solar tax credit that is applied immediately once you get residential solar panels installed. I didn't have to wait years to see how much money residential solar panel systems could save me. It was a big relief.

The residential solar company gave me residential solar power panel kit that is made up of single-crystal silicon cells and is the most efficient residential solar panel available on the market today. These residential solar panels are able to convert about 22% of direct sunlight into electricity while residential solar panels from other companies only convert around 15%. That's a huge difference! If you're thinking about investing in residential solar, make sure it's through one of these high quality residential installation companies . This will guarantee that you'll be getting great energy efficiency for your investment and keep more money in your pocketbook!

The residential solar panels on my home are connected to residential batteries that store extra residential solar power when the sun is shining for use when I need it during dark periods of time. The residential solar battery system includes residential inverters, so any excess residential solar power is converted into AC electricity through residential wiring. This allows me to use energy from residential solar panel systems even at night time!

When residential solar panels are connected to the batteries, the energy from the solar panels can be stored and used whenever electricity is needed. This residential power storage system has been great for me because I never have to worry about a power blackout again!

In conclusion, I believe that residential solar panel systems are an extremely wise investment to make. Whether you want a residential solar battery system or the solar panels only, residential solar is a great thing to invest in for your home. I did this because I've wanted my electricity to come from my solar power instead of residential electric companies for years now and it feels so good that I made such a smart residential energy investment!

If you're also interested in learning more about solar for your home, you can get an estimate from IntegrateSun and discuss your home energy needs with one of their consultants.


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