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Finding Pathways To The Sun (My solar journey part 2)

The COVID -19 pandemic has given me a lot more time to prioritize my life and focus on what’s important. Like most people, I didn’t see the corona virus coming, but nevertheless I didn’t want to lose sight of my goals for 2020. One of my main goals was to save my family more money. Now more than ever, I understand the importance of saving for a rainy day, but how to do it was the main question?

With the kids being abruptly evicted from school in March my grocery, water and electricity bill went through the roof! There’s really nothing much I can do about the grocery bill, the kids have got to eat and I’m grateful they’re finally taking baths! I was happy to save money on gas since I was no longer chauffeuring my kids around town, but all of that changed when I received a very offensive electricity bill that came in at a whopping $356.27!

Instead of me running through the house on a rampage turning off everything, I decided to do something different. I poured myself a hot cup of coffee and started to do some critical thinking. Another goal I wrote down at the beginning of 2020 was to be less reactionary and manage my temper. So, I sipped my coffee, took a deep breath and just beneath that expensive electricity bill blaring at me, was a flyer about renewable energy from a solar energy company in Texas called IntegrateSun. This immediately reminded me of my commitment about solar panels.

Remember I said, I was going to endeavor to learn more about solar panels for home, do some research, and share what I learned, blah, blah, blah. Well, I must admit, I have been super busy with my family and chores, but this solar energy flyer from IntegrateSun has me back on track. Of course it listed all of the cool things about solar like clean renewable energy and saving the planet but what really caught my attention were the benefits!

Now in order to reap the benefits of solar energy, you have to understand how solar works which is boring, but necessary nonetheless.

In my research, I came across lots of scientific explanations and terminology; but what made me smile was the term AC/DC! This made me think to myself is solar panel ac or dc? Growing up in the 80’s, AC/DC was my favorite rock band! I found it so interesting that the acronym for their name means the exact same in music, as it does in science “Alternative Current and Direct Current”.

The band’s name AC/DC referred to the high-powered sound of their electric guitars, but in solar AC/DC is referring to the electric energy we receive from the sun.

You see, a solar panel works by absorbing sunlight through solar cells, which creates a direct current (DC). The direct current then travels from panels through an inverter, which converts the energy into usable electricity also known as alternative currents (AC)! The electricity stored on the grid is used to power our homes and appliances. If the solar panels produce more power than we need, electricity will go back onto the grid. This is why it’s smart to stay attached to your traditional power grids. If for whatever reason the solar panels didn’t produce enough power to meet your electricity needs, you can source energy from the grid. Now here comes the fun part, depending on your net metering agreement, your local utility company might give you energy credits for surplus power your solar panels send back to the grid. Some utility companies will even reimburse you for your power production credits.

You know my imagination went wild just reading about solar panels, and I pondered the thought of receiving a check from my electricity company every month! This could be an awesome way of meeting my family’s savings goal for 2020! I was enthused with excitement about solar panel for homes, so I dug a little deeper! I found that there are even MORE savings benefits associated with going solar like; saving thousands of dollars on electricity bills, a solar panel tax credit of 26% break for 2020, increasing the property value of my home by 17% and more!

I was almost convinced that solar panels were the best move for my family, but I know before I present the idea to my husband, I had to have ALL my ducks in a row. I love my honey bear! He’s an excellent husband and father but I can’t forget he is an accountant by profession. This means he’s extremely analytical, frugal, detailed and very inquisitive! Before I approach him, I have to build my case like any lawyer would before approaching a judge and jury on the Supreme Court!

Hmmm, so how do I do this? I think I’m going to need more coffee!!. Write a comment below and let us start an interesting conversation together as I journal how I went from being solar misfit to a solar socialite in a short period of time. Stay tuned as we continue to find our pathway to the sun.

Yours truly, A Solar Socialite.

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