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Cost of Solar Panels In Delaware (2023 Guide)

Cost of Solar Panels In Delaware

Think solar panels in Delaware are out of your reach? The 2023 figures might just turn that assumption on its head.

In Delaware, as of November 2023, the average cost of solar panels is a surprising $2.57 per watt. This means for a standard 5 kW system, you're looking at an average gross price of around $12,850. But hold on, there's more to this story than just numbers. Let's delve into what these costs mean for you and why solar is becoming an increasingly smart choice in the First State.


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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Delaware?

When it comes to solar panels in Delaware, the numbers are quite revealing. As of 2023, the average cost hovers around $2.57 per watt. So, for a standard 5 kilowatt (kW) system, you're looking at a range between $10,922 and $14,778, with the average gross price sitting at about $12,850. But here's the thing– this figure includes everything: the panels, installation, and permits.

If we look into the past, it's clear that solar costs have been on a dynamic journey. Just a few years ago, these prices were notably higher. This downward cost trend is a game-changer, making solar more accessible than ever.

Now, let's not forget the federal investment tax credit (ITC) and local Delaware incentives. These can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. For instance, the ITC alone can slash 30% off your initial cost. Imagine that your $12,850 system could see a reduction of approximately $3,855, thanks to the ITC. And that's before we even factor in local incentives!

So, what exactly are you paying for? The bulk of the cost typically goes towards the equipment – the panels, inverter, and mounting hardware. Then there's the installation labor and the permits. A rough breakdown for a 5 kW system might look something like this:

  • Equipment - around $8,000,

  • Installation - around $4,300,

  • Permits - around $550.

But remember, the sticker price isn't the whole story. After applying the ITC and local incentives, your net cost could be substantially lower. It's a classic case of looking beyond the initial figure to see the true value of your investment.

Average solar panel cost by system size in South Carolina

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What Determines the Cost of Solar Panels in Delaware

Cost of solar panels

Panel Types and Their Costs: In the world of solar panels, not all are created equal. In Delaware, you'll mainly find two types: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline panels, known for their efficiency and sleek design, do come with a higher price tag. On the flip side, polycrystalline panels are more budget-friendly but slightly less efficient. It's a classic case of balancing cost with performance.

Installation Complexity: Ever thought about how the installation process impacts cost? It's not just about slapping panels on your roof. Factors like the layout of your roof, ease of access, and even local weather conditions can influence the installation complexity – and therefore, the cost. A straightforward installation on a standard roof in Delaware might be relatively affordable, but if your roof is steep, unusually shaped, or difficult to access, brace yourself for higher costs.

Quality and Brand: Here's a crucial takeaway – the quality and brand of solar panels can significantly affect both longevity and efficiency. While it might be tempting to go for a cheaper option, remember that this is a long-term investment. High-quality panels from reputable brands might cost more upfront, but they often offer better performance and longer warranties. Think of it as paying for peace of mind.

And don't forget about the federal solar tax credit and local Delaware incentives. These can dramatically lower your net cost, making solar more affordable than you might think.

Solar Power vs Electricity Rates in Delaware

Delaware's current electricity rates might just make you do a double-take. As of 2023, the average retail rate hovers around 13.16 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Now, let's put this into perspective with solar power. The levelized cost of power from a typical solar system in Delaware over 25 years is a mere 6.5 cents/kWh.

Here's the thing: if you stick with traditional electricity, assuming rates grow at a compound rate of 3.5% annually, you're looking at an average cost of 22.4 cents/kWh over the next 25 years. That's a stark contrast to solar's steady, lower rate.

So, what's the bottom line? Opting for solar in Delaware isn't just a green choice; it's a financially savvy one.

Delaware Solar Incentives

Federal Solar Tax Credit:

  • A major financial incentive in 2023, offering a 30% tax write-off on your solar system, including installation and solar batteries.

  • Utilize IRS Form 5695 for this credit, but consider professional advice for accurate filing.

Net Metering Programs:

  • Allows you to sell excess solar energy back to the grid in exchange for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).

  • These SRECs can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills or be sold for profit.

  • Delaware's program is highly competitive, offering better benefits compared to many other states.

Delaware No Cost Solar Programs:

  • Aimed at reducing the upfront cost barrier for solar adoption.

  • Includes solar grants and loans to facilitate solar installation without heavy initial investment.

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) offer another pathway for homeowners to invest in solar with minimal upfront costs.

  • These programs are selective, so eligibility is key.

These incentives in Delaware not only make solar energy more accessible but also enhance the financial returns of your solar investment, making it an increasingly smart choice for homeowners.

How Much Can I Save With Solar Energy?

Homeowners in Delaware can see a reduction in monthly energy costs by 40%-60%. This isn't a mere drop in the ocean; it's a substantial wave of savings. Over a span of 20 years, this could translate to more than $30,000 in electricity cost savings.

But it's not all about the dollars and cents. The environmental impact of switching to solar is profound. By choosing solar, you're not only padding your pocket but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable planet. Plus, there's a hidden gem in this solar journey: property value increases. A professionally installed solar system can boost your home's value by around 5%. That's an additional $15,000 on a $300,000 property!

Curious about how much you could save? It's more than just a buzzword; it's a paradigm shift in energy consumption. Contact us for a free consultation to estimate your personalized savings with solar energy. Remember, it's not just an energy upgrade; it's an investment in a brighter, more sustainable future for your home and the planet.


Are Solar Panels Worth It in Delaware in 2023?

Yes, solar panels are worth it in Delaware in 2023. With decreasing costs, significant savings on electricity bills, and available incentives like the federal tax credit, solar panels offer both financial and environmental benefits.

How much do solar panels cost in Delaware?

Can you get free solar in Delaware?

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