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Best EV Chargers to Install In Your Home In 2023

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

EV Chargers

Key Takeaway

  • Owning a home EV charger enhances your electric vehicle experience, offering convenience and potential cost savings.

  • Level 2 chargers are more powerful than Level 1, adding 30-60 miles of range per hour of charge.

  • Charger compatibility with your vehicle's charging capabilities is crucial.

  • Top EV charger options include the ChargePoint Home Flex, JuiceBox 40, and Grizzl-E Classic.

  • The Enphase Charger offers innovative bidirectional charging, while the Wallbox Pulsar Plus provides customizability and robust connectivity options.


You know what's trending these days? Electric vehicles (EVs) – they're taking the world by storm! With the boom in EV ownership, there's an ever-growing need for home charging solutions. Why, you ask? Well, let's dive in...

Imagine this – you are out on the road, your EV's battery dwindling down to its last electrons. Panic sets in. Where's the nearest charging station? Is it free? Is it occupied? These questions might be darting around in your mind like pesky flies. Now, wouldn't you rather skip this anxiety-inducing situation altogether? Of course, you would!

Enter the home EV charger. It's your very own, private fuel pump... right in your garage. No more hunting for charging stations. No more waiting in line. Just simple, stress-free charging. And the cherry on top? It's way more efficient than the standard Level 1 charging cable that comes with most EVs. We're talking about Level 2 chargers here – the big guns. These bad gadgets can add 30-60 miles of range per hour of charging.

But here's the thing – not all chargers are made equal. Some EVs come with a Level 1 charger, handy for plugging into a standard outlet. It does the job, adding a modest 3-5 miles of range per hour... but let's be real, it's a bit of a slowpoke.

A Level 2 charger, on the other hand, is the Usain Bolt of EV chargers! It requires a 240V circuit, and boy, does it pack a punch.

So, which charger is right for you? It all depends on your EV's compatibility and charging capacity. You wouldn't want to splash out on a high-powered charger for a low-power rate EV, would you?

In this guide, we'll help you navigate the world of home EV chargers, and who knows, you might just find your perfect match... stay tuned!

Our Top Picks

Without wasting much time, let’s move into what our top picks for EV Chargers are.

Grizzl-E Home EV Charger


Let's introduce you to the Grizzl-E Home EV Charger – a real contender when it comes to home charging solutions.

First up, it's an affordable choice. You get to juice up your EV without burning a hole in your pocket. Installation? A breeze! Even a power outage won't phase it, with its power outage recovery feature, you're back on track in no time. But hey, if you live in a scorching region, it might not be your best bet.

This sturdy black box (or white, if you prefer) sports a proud maple leaf and a "Made in Canada" tag. Its bold blue streaks, akin to a bear's claw marks, add a touch of wild to its utilitarian design.

Packed with 40 amps of power, you'd need a matching circuit to harness its full potential. Although, you can tune it down for lower charge rates if needed. No Wi-Fi connection here, folks, and you might have to shell out extra for an outdoor safety lock. But wait, there's more! It offers the option of a dedicated Tesla plug, and if you're juggling two EVs, the Grizzl-E Duo's twin 24-foot cables are a godsend for simultaneous charging.

In a nutshell, the Grizzl-E Home EV Charger is a no-nonsense, budget-friendly, and robust solution for your EV charging needs.

Emporia EV Charger

Emporia EV

Say hello to the Emporia EV Charger, an undeniable value-for-money option that's jam-packed with features. Why is it on our top picks? Let's find out...

First off, this Wi-Fi-enabled charger delivers an impressive 11.5 kW of power when hardwired, promising faster-charging rates than the Grizzl-E Classic. But, if you're using a NEMA 14-50 plug, you'll have to limit it down to 9.6 kW.

With Emporia's user-friendly app, you can schedule charging sessions and keep tabs on your charging costs - especially handy if you're operating on a time-of-use electric plan that favors night and weekend charging.

A notable drawback, though: its cable is chunkier and stiffer than the Grizzl-E's, which could be a bit of a pickle in cramped spaces. And while data enthusiasts might appreciate the detailed graphs and exportable stats, the average driver could find the absence of battery status, estimated range, or charge time a tad frustrating. But, let's not blame Emporia. This is a limitation of the universally-used SAE J1772 charging protocol.

The cherry on top? Emporia offers a range of smart home products that sync with the app, providing in-depth energy usage insights. From the Smart Plug that allows remote control and energy logging of individual devices, to the Vue energy monitor that lets users analyze whole-house and circuit-specific energy consumption. Have solar panels? You can link the Vue with the Emporia EV charger to power your vehicle using surplus solar energy.

In essence, the Emporia EV Charger offers a plethora of features that make it a commendable choice for power users.

ChargePoint Home Flex

ChargePoint Home Flex

Meet the ChargePoint Home Flex, a home EV charger that shines in our top picks.

Hailing from a brand that's synonymous with quality and reliability, the Home Flex brings the convenience of public charging into your garage. ChargePoint, known for their robust nationwide network of public charging stations, has successfully translated their expertise into this home charging marvel.

Offering two configurations compatible with NEMA 6-50 or NEMA 14-50 plugs, the Home Flex delivers a flexible charging amperage from 16 to 50 amps, tailored to your home circuit's capacity. Sporting a 23-foot cable, it's got most home installations covered.

But, here's the game-changer: the ChargePoint app. From tracking your charging sessions to scheduling charges during low-rate hours, this app's got you sorted. Bonus? It's Alexa-compatible for hands-free control.

Now, a minor speed bump - Wi-Fi is a must for charging. But, considering its nifty features, we'd say it's a small trade-off.

In a nutshell, the ChargePoint Home Flex packs a punch with its smart functions, compatibility with most EVs, and legacy of a renowned brand.

Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Wall Connector

Say hello to the Tesla Wall Connector, a fusion of stunning design and practicality that justifies its spot among our top picks. This isn't merely a charger; it's an industrial work of art that feels at home on your wall.

This sleek, wall-mounted marvel is more than just a pretty face. Doubling as a cable storage hook, it keeps your charging cord neatly tucked away, ready for action. Its 1.8-inch-circumference cable—slimmer than most—is a breeze to handle, making your charging experience seamless.

The Wall Connector comes in two variants: one for Tesla vehicles and a J1772 version for non-Tesla EVs. They're identical, bar the charging port and color. The only downside? The price is a bit steep for the non-Tesla version, but it's a worthy investment for the quality you get.

Here's a snag, though: the built-in Wi-Fi doesn't link with Tesla's app for now. But hey, Tesla drivers can get ample charging info directly from their vehicles. Non-Tesla users, don't fret! The third-party Wall Monitor app's got your back, though it's only available for iOS users and has a few limitations.

In essence, the Tesla Wall Connector combines form, function, and the prestige of the Tesla name to deliver an EV charging solution that's truly top-tier. Isn't it time to level up your charging game?

JuiceBox 40

JuiceBox 40

Think you know EV chargers? Meet the JuiceBox 40, a game-changer that takes home charging to a whole new level. Outpacing standard chargers, it delivers up to 7 times faster charging, making it a top pick for EV owners.

Crafted by global energy giant Enel X, JuiceBox chargers come in three sizes, with the 40 model standing out for its versatility. Whether you plug it into a standard 240V circuit or opt for hardwiring, this midrange marvel is up to the task. Plus, it's designed to safely charge multiple vehicles simultaneously. Talk about power!

But JuiceBox 40 isn't just about performance. With its sleek design, 25-foot cable, and weatherproof casing, it's built to endure, wherever you install it. The built-in rack keeps cable storage neat, and the locking mount secures your investment.

And here's the cherry on top: the JuiceBox app, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, supports smart charging to help you save on utility costs.

Looking for seamless installation services for your JuiceBox 40? Don't hesitate—reach out to our company today! We're ready to supercharge your EV experience.

Other Worthy Alternatives You Can Consider

These options are all worthy of your consideration, especially if you are really eager to ride the wave of electric vehicle technology.

  1. Enphase Bidirectional EV Charger - This charger doesn't just charge your vehicle, it integrates your EV into your home energy system​​. Imagine your car not only getting juiced up but also powering your home during an outage, sharing energy with the grid, and even sending clean solar energy directly to your EV battery​​. Talk about wearing multiple hats! It's also designed to turn any EV into a power source and to seamlessly integrate into Enphase home energy systems​​. Just keep in mind that this revolutionary technology is set to hit the market in 2024​​.

  2. Next on the list is the Wallbox Pulsar Plus. This charger isn't just a one-trick pony. With accessories like Eiffel Basic, you can install free-standing charging stations in parking spaces, indoors or outdoors​. Add-ons like the Power Meter and the UL Enclosure ensure you're ready for all software upgrades and provide a watertight installation solution respectively​​. And if you're in a spot with no local Wi-Fi, no worries! The Rugged LTE Gateway provides LTE Internet and myWallbox connectivity​.

  3. Lastly, don't overlook the Blink HQ 150. This basic home EV charger is a reliable and straightforward solution for your charging needs​​.

We know - it's a lot to take in. But remember, owning an EV improves dramatically when you can recharge on your own schedule, without having to worry about finding a place to move your car when it's done charging​​. So, take a moment, digest the info, and consider these alternatives. Our team here is ready to help you navigate the world of EV chargers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get your EV life charged up!


What size charger do I need?

The size of your EV charger depends on your vehicle's charging capabilities. Ensure compatibility not just with the plug but also with the power your EV can accept.

Is a Level 2 home charger worth it?

How many amps do I need to charge my EV?

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