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Beat Arizona's Peak-Hour Charges with TOU Battery Storage

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Peak-Hour Charges with TOU Battery Storage

Key Highlights

  • Harness the Sun: Turn Arizona's intense heat into energy savings with TOU battery storage.

  • Peak-Hour Savings: Slash peak-hour charges by leveraging off-peak energy rates.

  • State Comparisons: Arizona's peak rates are among the highest; understand how they stack up.

  • Solar Investments: APS plans signal a bright future for solar in Arizona.

  • Customized Solutions Await: Don't let the sun set on this opportunity; reach out for your tailored solar solution.


Has the scorching Arizona sun been burning holes in your pockets lately? So far in 2023, we are experiencing one of the hottest heat waves in Arizona.

According to CNN, the air temperature reached 119 degrees Fahrenheit. Phoenix experienced six days in a row with temperatures at or above 115 degrees on the 22nd of July; the run ended on the next day on Sunday with highs only hitting 114 degrees.

This can only mean one thing for residents in Arizona… higher demand for cooling appliances such as Air Conditioners and Electric Fans in the home all around the clock. And this in turn means the electricity bill will skyrocket.

Double trouble? Not quite.

What if you could take the very sun that's cranking up your bills and make it work for you? Imagine offsetting those bills with a brilliant solution as bright as the Arizona sun itself: TOU (Time-of-Use) battery storage. In this article, we will be discussing how to beat peak hours like this using TOU battery storage. Let’s dive in.

Benefits and Implementation of TOU Battery Storage in Arizona

A) The Advantages of TOU Battery Storage

Think about it: your own power bank, right in your home. With TOU battery storage, you're taking control of your energy. Now that it is super hot out there, imagine slashing those peak-hour charges by storing excess solar energy during off-peak hours... and using it when the rates soar. It's like having a rainy-day fund but for energy!

  • Energy Savings and Reduced Peak-Hour Charges: With solar energy battery storage, you're not just saving a few dollars here and there – you're revolutionizing the way you use energy. Think about the possibilities: storing excess solar energy during those low-rate off-peak hours and then, when the peak-hour charges hit, you unleash that stored energy. It's like catching the sunlight in a bottle and using it when you most need it.

  • Increased Utilization of Solar Energy: And here's the twist – your home solar battery isn't just sitting idle when the sun's out. It's working to capture that energy, storing it for when you really need it. The solar battery for the house becomes an active participant in your energy management. It’s more than a home battery backup; it's an investment that pays off daily.

B) Understanding APS TOU Plans and Awards

Utility plans can be baffling, but stick with us, because this is where it gets exciting. APS (Arizona Public Service) is not just offering TOU plans; they're offering solutions tailored to your lifestyle.

  • Different On-Peak and Off-Peak Periods: Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, there's a TOU plan that fits your rhythm. The way you live your life doesn't have to fit into a box, and neither should your energy usage.

  • $500 Participation Award and Battery Program: And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, APS throws in a one-time participation award. You're not just buying a home battery; you're joining a community, a movement towards smarter energy consumption.

C) Current and Revised On-Peak Hours

Change is in the air, and this time, it's something to look forward to.

  • APS Statistics on Peak-Hour Adjustments: These aren't random numbers. APS is tuning in to consumer needs, adjusting the on-peak hours from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. to 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. A smaller window to dance around, less worry about the ticking clock.

  • Impact on Home Battery Backup and Solar Panels: This change isn't just about numbers; it's about how you live your life. With battery backup for solar panels and house battery backup solutions, this change means more flexibility and more control. It's about your energy, your choices.

Contact us to tailor your solar energy plan to these changing rates. Let us help you navigate this exciting landscape of energy savings, optimized solar utilization, and peak-hour charge reduction.

Comparison of TOU Rates in Arizona and Other States

A) Peak-Hour Charges in Arizona

Arizona's temperature isn't the only thing soaring these days; so are the peak-hour charges. It's not just about adjusting the thermostat; it's about adjusting to a new reality. Can you believe some parts of Arizona face charges up to 50 cents per kilowatt-hour during summer on-peak hours?

  • How Arizona's Peak-Hour Charges Rank Nationally: No, it's not a competition we want to win, but Arizona's peak-hour charges are among the highest in the country. It's like the sizzling desert heat; we're leading the pack but for all the wrong reasons.

  • The Real Impact on Your Wallet: But what does that mean for you? It's more than numbers on a bill; it's a dent in your wallet, a nagging worry every time you switch on the air conditioner. The pressure's on, but there are ways to beat the system...

B) TOU Rates in Other States

Hold on! Don't pack your bags for California or Texas just yet. We've compared TOU rates, and while they might look appealing, it's not all sunshine and low rates elsewhere.

  • Comparison with California and Texas: Sure, some states like California and Texas have lower or even no peak-hour charges for residential customers, but what's the catch? Every state has its regulations, its quirks, and its reasons.

  • Insights into Different State Regulations: TOU rates, peak-hour charges – they're a complex puzzle, varying widely depending on the state, utility, season, and time of day. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but there is a solution tailored for Arizonians.

So if you are feeling that Arizona heat, it's time to turn it to your advantage. With decent TOU battery storage, you would not be at the mercy of those scorching peak-hour rates. Navigate the complex world of TOU rates with a solution designed with the unique challenges and opportunities of life in Arizona in mind.

Challenges and Opportunities in Arizona's Solar Landscape

A) Overcoming Solar Intermittency with TOU Battery Storage

Here's a riddle: What's abundant in Arizona but sometimes plays hard to get? The sun, that's what! Its rays bless us with an energy goldmine, yet solar intermittency throws a wrench in the works. But what if you could have your sunshine and store it too?

  • Enhancing Value and Utilization of Solar Energy: Utilizing TOU battery storage allows you to hang onto the sun and use it as you see fit rather than just utilizing it. Consider it as your own personal solar bank account, available for use anytime peak-hour prices arise. Everything is in your hands—efficiency, savings, and control.

B) APS Investment in Solar Energy

And guess what? The big players are catching on. APS plans to add 2.5 gigawatts of solar capacity by 2032. That's a lot of sun power, and it could be a piece of your energy puzzle too.

  • Joining Forces with Arizona's Solar Vision: APS isn't just investing in solar energy; they're betting on Arizona's future. And you can be part of that vision, reaping the benefits of a solar-rich landscape while also contributing to a sustainable, brighter future.

Join the solar revolution in Arizona and get a free solar quote with our top-tier installation services. It's not just about saving on those hefty peak-hour charges or even about being on the cutting edge of energy innovation. It's about embracing the opportunities unique to Arizona, seizing control of your energy destiny, and making the sun work for you.

Wrapping Up

Arizona's blazing sun isn't just for tanning; it's a golden opportunity waiting to be harnessed. With TOU battery storage, you can turn peak-hour woes into peak-hour wins, saving on those bills and making the sun work for you. And if you are interested in riding the solar wave and joining Arizona's bright future, OR ready to beat the peak-hour charges, reach out to us for a customized solution. Let's transform those challenges into opportunities together. The sun's shining, Arizona; it's time to shine with it


What are TOU rates and how do they affect my electricity bill?

TOU (Time-of-Use) rates vary the electricity cost at different times of day. In Arizona, peak hours usually cost more, affecting your overall bill.

How can TOU battery storage be integrated with my existing solar panels?

What incentives are available for implementing TOU battery storage in Arizona?

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